John Bwarie on Savoring The Sweetness

John Bwarie on Savoring The Sweetness

Savoring the Sweetness

Savoring The Sweetness

Episode #1.10
Your Host: Peggy Sweeney-McDonald
Guest: John Bwarie of Secret City – LA Food Tours


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John Bwarie on Savoring the SweetnessJohn Bwarie is the co-creator of Secret City-LA.  John and his lovely wife Laura, lead tours of Los Angeles via Secret City Tours. From walking tours to neighborhood tours to bus tours, the Bwarie’s lead tours across LA that focus on culture, history, civics, and food! Some of the past food tours include the Bacon Tour, the Italian Tour, the Donut Tour, the Bakery Tour and the Lebanese Tour.

View More: http://staceelianna.pass.us/secretcity

Upcoming tours include the Spicy Food tour and the Ice Cream Tour.  If you are visiting Los Angeles, the tours are a great way to get a “taste of Los Angeles”!

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